Consulting The specialist consulting services we provide include:
Our GIS Team members develop GIS customized to a client's particular needs including the design of the GIS databases, install software and verify specifications - all essential to guarantee a quality system.
Integrated Environmental Management
- Environmental authorisations,  Basic Environmental Assessments, Environmental scan, Scoping study, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Management Framework Environmental education and training, Environmental Management Plan, Environmental Monitoring & auditing during construction, Environmental Risk Assessment, Geographical Information System (GIS).


Waste management Consulting
    • - Feasibility study for landfill, Site Identification, transfer station, recycling centres and buy back centres, Landfill Permitting, Waste management Strategy and Planning, Integrated Water and Waste Management Plan.
  • - Integrated waste management planning.
  • - Waste minimisations initiatives.
- Hazardous waste management planning.


Sustainable Environmental Management & Mining
  • - Mineral Rights applications, Environmental Management Plan/ programme Report, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Risk Assessment, EMP Performance Assessment,
  • - Borrow pits application, Mine closure, Environmental Awareness,
- Rehabilitation plan, Due diligence.


Health and Safety in Construction
- SHE Representatives, Construction job-site safety and health audits, Risk Assessment,  Working at heights, Health and Safety File, induction, auditing, toolbox talks, Job safety observations, On-site facility investigations and audits.


Stakeholder engagement
  • - Public participation and community consultation, Public accountability
Facilitation of public meetings, Capacity building and skills audits, Environmental awareness.


Groundwater Solutions
We provide a wide spectrum of groundwater and environmental solutions to the entire built environment. The emphasis is placed, but not limited on the following:
  • - Water Use License application, Water Catchments Management, Groundwater census; Groundwater impact assessment studies for proposed mining operations.
  • - WWTW, filling stations and cemeteries.
  • - Groundwater and surface water monitoring programme implementation.
  • - Groundwater pollution assessment and identification of the pollution source; Groundwater investigation for domestic and agricultural water supply.
  • - Development of groundwater protection protocol for onsite sanitation projects.
  • - Geophysical surveys in groundwater exploration programmes.
  • - Drilling and pump testing programme management and supervision.
  • - Depth to water table investigation.
- Geotechnical (Soil) investigations (Associated).


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