About Us Company background

Taktho Environmental Strategy (TES) was founded in 2008 and has steadily grown to be a significant player in the environmental management consulting industry in South Africa. TES is a black woman owned environmental consultants firm. Environmental management and sustainable development have become business imperatives in today’s work. To date TES has worked with clients around South Africa to help resolve their most demanding environmental and waste management issues.

As leading experts in environmental management, development and project management we are equally committed to our clients, Interested and Affected Parties, the natural environment and the nation’s commitment to support sustainable development. We combine resources, scientific and technical disciplines to provide clients with the greatest, most responsive teams [whether responding to existing challenges, evaluating opportunities to advance performance or seeking to reduce future liabilities.
Our Vision

Providing the most effective and proactive management of risk as a fundamental and integral part of doing business, thus ensuring a highest quality of service to our clients and maintaining high levels of professional ethics.

Our Mission

To create a framework which enables our clients to understand the risk inherent in their business and demonstrate the management of those risks to an appropriate level in the context of their business objectives. We look for opportunities to reduce the environmental effects of our operations, and support activities that promote the protection of human health and a sustainable global environment.

Services we provide

The specialist consulting services we provide include: Integrated Environmental Management, Waste management Consulting, Waste management Consulting, Sustainable Environmental Management & Mining, Health and Safety in Construction, Stakeholder engagement, and Groundwater Solutions.

Employment Equity

Taktho Environmental Strategy is fully compliant with South African employment equity legislation. An employment equity plan was voluntarily submitted to and accepted by the Department of Labour in 2010 and agreed targets for 2011 were exceeded. Taktho Environmental Strategy endeavours to employ and train local people wherever appropriate.

Earth Day is not just one day

Earth Day is a day to help remind people and professionals that the earth and environmental concern is something needs to be woven into EVERY day life. Businesses large and small have to take responsibility to help be role models in the community to set the tone for a healthier planet. For most companies, being environmentally responsible begins by asking for expert help to incorporate environmental work into their organization.

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